Adult Returns for Columbia and Snake River Dams
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  • For the current year, some of the sites are several days behind in reporting, but is reported by the COE as zero, so when zeros appear in current data, the data should be considered as "not yet reported".
  • For Historical Data (past years), there were days where no adult fish were counted at the ladders. On these days, we did not add a record to our database. If a zero count adult salmon date occurred during the counting season (varies by dam), then it can be assumed that there were zero fish counted for all adult salmon and steelhead species at the ladder in question. To see the counting schedule for each dam refer to the adult metadata.
  • Steelhead includes the subset Wild Steelhead.
  • There are no wild steelhead counts at Priest Rapids or Willamette Fall Dam.
  • Willamette Falls counts for: Chinook, Steelhead, and Coho only.
  • Shad counts not available for Rock Island, Rocky Reach, Wells and Willamette Falls Dam.
  • For Chum or Pink Salmon see the annual counts total page and choose Bonneville Dam.

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