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Current Year Queries and Reports

Current 2-week Gas Bubble Trauma (GBT) Summary
Current Year by Species Gas Bubble Trauma (GBT) Query

Historical Queries

1996 to 2018 GBT Data Query
1995 Historic GBT Data Query
1994 Historic GBT Data Query

Manuals, Metadata, & Program

GBT metadata protocols regarding annual differences
Gas Bubble Trauma Monitoring Protocol
Gas Bubble Trauma Data Entry Program (self extracting executable)

2019 GBT Monitoring Schedule

Site Times Per Week Begin Date End Date
Bonneville Dam Twice April 15 August 31
Little Goose Once April 15 August 31
Lower Monumental Once April 15 August 31
Lower Granite Once April 15 June 30
McNary Dam Twice April 15 August 31
Rock Island Dam Twice April 15 August 31

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