REALTIME Smolt Descaling Data by Date, Site and Species
Step 1.  Select Year:
Step 2.  Select Project Site:
Step 3.  Select Species:
In cases where defining a rearing disposition is possible they will be included in the dataset, otherwise they will be listed as 'combined.'
Step 4.  Select Start and End Date in mm/dd format: Start Date to End Date
Step 5.  Submit Form or Reset


  • This query can be used to retrieve data from 1997 to present. Data for 1996 and earlier is available in our Annual Reports.
  • A descaled fish is defined as one with more than 20% descaling on one side of its body.
  • The current year data are preliminary and have been derived from various sources. Data arrives for analysis at the FPC one day after it is collected.
  • For verification and/or origin of data, contact Data Center Staff.

We have included rearing disposition in the query results where applicable; however if you would like the results grouped this can be easily done in Excel (and probably in any other spreadsheet package). In Excel select Data/Subtotals then in the subtotal box select at each change in sampledate/sum/Totl_Descaled, Totl_Exam and Dsclg_Pctg and select ok, now you will have a daily total by species.

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