Daily Passage Index Graphs for 2017

1. Choose one of the following Smolt Monitoring Project sites:

2. Choose one of the following anadromous salmonid species: 

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NOTES: These data can be saved on your local PC as ASCII data files.   Fill out this form and submit it. A link to a comma separated data file (.csv) will appear in   your web browser.   If you have Internet Explorer v4.x or v5.x, you will be asked if you want to open the file or save it to disk.  Choose " Save to disk".   Give the file a meaningful name is you wish, but make sure it ends in a .csv suffix.  If you have Netscape v4.x, you will be asked what name you want to save the file under.  Make sure you use a .csv suffix in the file name.   A description of the chosen site, species, rearing disposition, age, and date range is found in the last few rows of the .csv file.

Sometimes, Netscape v3.x browsers have been known to insert a blank line between each data line in the .csv file when saving the file.  In MS Excel, you can remedy this situation by choosing "Filter" under the "Data" menu, and choosing "Autofilter".  Once you've chosen Autofilter, go to the first column of the spreadsheet, the "Date" column, click on the pull down arrow in the header, and scroll until you find "non-blanks" in the drop down list.  Choose this, and all the blank lines will be temporarily removed from your spreadsheet.

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